Corona | Three more Jamati found positives in Bulandshahr U.P , 35 negative

Bulandshar : Three corona patients have been confirmed once again in the district. The number of corona-positive patients in the district has increased to 8 after three other patients appeared, while the administration sent samples of 38 people. 35 people have come negative in the investigation report. Those found positive are from Maharashtra and Baghpat. He also joined the Jamaat organized in Nizamuddin Markaz, Delhi.

Administrative officials say that people from the state and abroad also came to the district. Among them are the people who have joined the Jamaat. All were quarantined for 14 days. After which their samples were sent for investigation. Earlier 5 people were found to be corona positive. Now 3 reports have come positive. DM Ravindra Kumar said that three more cases of Corona positive have come to light.

One of them is Baghpat and 2 are from Malegaon Maharashtra. All three are stored. A sample of 118 Jamati and 2 others were sent for testing within the last 28 days. Of the total 120 samples sent, 21 were reported on Tuesday. There have been 38 reports late night. Three positive and 35 negative were found in this report.

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